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Big River Pork is an Australian Pork export accredited operation, guided by the Meat Safety Enhancement Program (MSEP).

Recent BRP Awards

  • Business SA Commendation Regional Exporter of the Year
  • SA Meat Industry Export Award for Excellence & Innovation
  • Premium Food Meat industry Achievement Award

Consortium members:

Auspork, B. E Campbell,  George Weston Foods and Hurstbridge Abattoirs

The Auspork Group floated the concept in 1997 and within 4 years the consortium designed, developed and implemented a state of the art processing facility that manages pork production from the farm to retail ready product
The plant began operation December 2001 and significant features include...
  • Supply of pigs from partner owned farms that include most of the major (1000 Sow+) herds in the state.
  • The processing plant is located close to farms, grain supplies & transport
  • Herringbone lairage that that minimises lairage stress for pigs and maximises meat quality
  • Co2 Gas for stunning instead of electricity for improved meat quality


  • Our Offal removal system is designed specifically to meet the needs of Asian Markets
  • Plenum Design chillers that reduce drip loss by significant amounts
  • Advanced equipment for shrink wrapping and vacuum packing
  • Modular design chillers that have the capacity to expand at anytime to meet production demands